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There is nothing worse than being stuck and stagnant in your life. Whether that is in your career, your health and fitness goals, your love life, your business or your financial goals, being stagnant paralyzes you and stops you from moving forward.

Fear is usually at the heart of this stagnation and paralysis:

  • Fear of the unknown

  • Fear of the uncertainty

  • Fear and overwhelm because you don’t know where to start

  • Fear of failure especially if you have already tried and failed a few times

  • Fear of success - what if it works out exactly as you planned for it to

SHIFT YOUR MINDSET is a two-day workshop that will jumpstart your career, your goals, your dreams your business and yes even your love life. 

The more the idea scares you, the better! We will diagnose where you currently are at, why you are afraid, what it takes to go from FEAR to GROWTH.

You will leave the session with TANGIBLE next steps to do during the weekend and to get started on from Monday morning! 


I am Brenda Dogbey and it is my pleasure to support you in going from vision to action. I have over 15 years experience including expertise in Performance Measurement in both academia and the Federal government. I am now bringing these skills to you so you can stop dreaming and start working your plan so you can yield tangible results.

this program is
you if:

  • You have been in the same position for a number of years without growth or movement and you are now ready to go to the next level


  • You have a  Vision Board or a list of goals and you're feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start in order to make progress.


  • You are in a career transition and need to know what to do next

  • You are ready to pivot your career and need guidance on how to overcome the FEAR of change and Shift to a GROWTH MINDSET that will  help you GROW, LEARN & SLAY!



I loved working with Brenda! She really knows her stuff and she always brings tons of value. I keep coming back for more!


I really enjoyed the process of working with Brenda to clarify my goals and take steps to begin working on them. I also loved the small class that provided us the opportunity to share ideas and experiences.


what you'll get

✔️TWO SESSIONS of Live coaching

✔️Small group learning and exchange

✔️How to evolve from Fear to Growth

✔️Concrete actions to take immediately

✔️You will Shift Your Mindset and go from FEAR to GROWTH


FEBRUARY 11TH - 13TH, 2022

APRIL 8TH - 10TH, 2022

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