You hate your job: 4 do's and don'ts before you quit

We've all been there! You absolutely hate your job because of office politics, a toxic work environment or just the work - you are bored to tears and know that you are built for something greater.

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First of all - sorry you hate your job. Work is demanding. Working at a job that you hate requires even more out of you than working at a job you love. Everyone you have spoken to has said move on on, quit, find your purpose. Before you rush through this decision, I want you to consider the following do's and don'ts

1. DON'T bad mouth your employer

It is tempting I know. Even at the job interview, don't even think about it. It's petty, its not worth it and will probably cost you a job interview. Your potential employer will be thinking that ok this is how you will bad-mouth us when it doesn't work out.

DO remember the number 1 rule in the professional setting is: relationship, relationship, relationship. That being said know when it is time to move on. When your boss or a company has shown you all their true colours, dont wait for another sign. Apply for jobs and move on gracefully.

 2. DON'T burn bridges

So you're so mad, you want to turn the tables upside down and burn this place down. Not worth it. Trust me - not worth it. The world is a small place. Don't give your boss an attitude because you are mad about the job and hate it.

DO give your best. Be the bigger person. Remain civil and respectful while you actively apply for jobs. Instead of giving your current employer ammunition against you when they are called up for references, give them nothing but good things to say about you regardless of the relationship you have.

3. DON'T act out of desperation

Desperation makes us rash and irrational. Desperation never looks good when you're on a job hunt and you don't want to lock yourself into another situationship or professional entanglement.

DO seek out counsel from friends and colleagues - they may guide you, talk you off the ledge and provide you with strategies on how to navigate the work situation both short term and long term.

4. DON'T lose perspective

When you're in the thick of things, every thing looks so gloomy and negative. Even your boss asking you to do something simple is triggering. This can then spiral into you losing perspective and then acting in a rash manner.

DO see this as a learning opportunity. Every experience, both good or bad includes lessons that will build you up for the better. This current job has given you a CLEAR idea of what you DON'T want to do in life so you wont waste another minute trying to do the same thing. Use this fresh perspective to think through what you would like in your next job. Check out my blog post on 5 career reflections during quarantine to help you gain some much needed perspective.

Whatever you decide to do, think it through, seek counsel, pray about it and make sure that you are not making permanent decisions based on temporary situations.

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