#TestimonyTuesday: Is there anything too hard for God? Healing and restoration after a car accident

It is #testimonytuesday and I want to share how God uses EVERYTHING - everything: our ashes, our brokenness, our pain, our sorrow, our tears for good.


Let me tell you about how God can use a situation to heal and restore you! Two years ago today I was sick as a dog. I had the WORST tonsilitis ever possible. We were 10 days away from occupying our new house. First time owners. Big deal for us as immigrants who had built our lives in Canada from the ground up. I can't even tell you the journey that got us to this point. The roads that were blocked and the doors that God opened. 

10 Days. Busy. Packing. Parents of twin toddlers and a kindergartener. A five year old and two 2.5 year olds. 

I had signed up my son for skating lessons and he had missed quite a number as we were juggling moving and life. So mom guilt kicked in that Saturday morning. I managed to get a doc appointment so hubby and i decided to divide and conquer. I would go with my daughter to the doc appointment, he would go with the boys to skating. 

On my way to see the doc, I blacked out for a second or however long and woke up to a BIG BANG. I rear-ended the car in front of me. I was so shaken and worried about my daughter. Confused. We exchanged insurance information. I was going to the doctor's and was about 5 minutes away so I drove on. Doctor examined us. I was in pain. He gave me strong meds and sent us off. Hubby joined us. 

I was at a point in my career where I was just pre-management. I was leading a project that I was very much invested in. A lot of my identity was tied to my career. So I did what most black women do in such situations - push through. I kept working, kept pushing. I had debilitating headaches. My mind was so scrambled for the move and it was literally the worst move we have ever made.  

I had suffered a concussion and back injury. And that would unravel my life for the following few months.

Two months of trying to keep going when I finally realized that I could do it and I gave in. It was hard. My doctor initially put me off work for 2 weeks and then extended for another two and I finally realized that I was going to be off indefinitely.

What I want to share with you is a testimony though of how God uses EVERYTHING - everything: our ashes, our brokenness, our pain, our sorrow, our tears for good. I needed a break. I hadn't taken a break in over 10 years and I would NEVER have taken a break except life force me into that situation.

God began a healing process for me from the inside all the way out. A year later though I was still fighting painful headaches and I just couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. One year out and I had gone through intensive physiotherapy, vestibular therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, I was on meds and was being followed by both my family doctor and a concussion specialist. And I was still in pain.

To really appreciate what God did and what has done and what God is doing you need to know how severe a concussion is. When concussion symptoms persist beyond 3 years they become referred to as Post-Concussion Syndrome. This involves psychosocial symptoms that vary from debilitating meaning you cannot function to triggering. Lives have been ruined because people have had to stop working entirely. People have gone mad, literally due to this. Check out the movie Concussion on Netflix - based on a true story to learn more.

I remember my doctor having the pep talk with me about reality. Perhaps headaches were going to become reality so I needed to change my expectations.

It was then that I decided that it was God or nothing. I felt like the woman with the issue of the blood. Except I had gone and spent ALL my money for 12 months on all sorts of physicians only to end up with nothing. I can't imagine someone going through it for 12 years. I only went through it for 12 months. So I said God its me and you. I NEED YOU to heal me. I need you to restore me.

And something beautiful happened. My prayer life became these long deep conversations with God. I would spend my days in the Word, in worship, journaling. Praying, doing spiritual warfare. At peace.

And finally a date was set for me to return to work and gradually I began to return to work from December 2019. I was almost at full time hours when the pandemic hit and we were thrown into work from home. Only this ended up being a blessing because the commute was too much for me and was too much for my back. Although working from home with the kids was hard, God had used the previous 3-4 months prepping me so that I was not in a panic in that season. I wasn't grasping for God. He had been closest to me just before then and His presence was so real to me.

Our church began a period of prayer and I clicked into it. And I remember on April 12th our Senior Pastor asked us to pray for healing particularly physical healing and he asked us not just to pray but to believe. Initially I was skeptical but something within me said this is my moment of restoration and healing. Listen I am a scientist and a PhD so I analyze a lot. I also know that there are seasons in life where science will not help you and need to hold on to faith.

That is how big my God is. That day. He healed me. He restored me. He headaches that had plagued me ceased.

Only God.

But God!

After trying every treatment under the sun, the Great Physician, Jesus, healed me.

And of course because the devil is a liar I woke up today with a massive headache. I have been planning to share this testimony for a while. BUT guess what, that doesn't change how BIG my God is. He still did it.

Soon after I levelled up career wise into a manager position. My role is demanding. Lots and lots of meetings. Screen time. Me who could not handle 10 minutes on my phone.

But God.

Look at your mountain and tell your mountain how BIG AND HOW GREAT AND HOW FAITHFUL GOD IS!

He did it for me and He most certainly can do it for you.

Won't you praise Him with me.

He is indeed a good good Father!

To God be the Glory!