Sick and tired of being sick and tired: my wellness journey

Parenthood takes a toll on you physically. When you are not in shape it takes a bigger toll on you. Between being off work for a year in 2019, staying/working from home for the past 4 months and basically eating on demand, I have gained quite some weight to say the least.


I have never really struggled with weight and unlike most people I somewhat won the metabolism lottery - I used to be able to eat when I am happy and burn it off without much effort. Not anymore. I know this is not the case for most people but for me this is my story. I enjoyed the benefits of not having to work for it for 3 solid decades. This fourth decade though has caught up with me - the combination of being home for the concussion, age, working from home due to COVID19, moving less has resulted 191.6 lbs. I am heavier now than I was when I was pregnant with twins. Yeah. I am not shaming myself or anybody: just trying to be real about where I am at and to have a clear goal of where I would like to be.

I made all sorts of excuses for not being proactive about my health and wellness. Some of the medication that I was on for the concussion (see previous post) has a side-effect of weight gain, so I thought that when my dosage was reduced as I was healing better, that the weight would magically disappear. Guess what? It didn't. Then I thought it was hormones - doc did bloodwork. Nothing there.

Finally I realized that this was not going to happen by magic. I was actually going to have to work for it.

I am not a health junkie BUT when my doctor said to me that I was pre- pre-diabetic, I knew I had to get serious with my health. I read a blog once that mothers will be the first to identify that something is not ok with their babies (no matter how old) BUT will be the last to take care of their own health. I noticed that I have been chronically tired, and this has been affecting my mental health as a mother. Mental health touches on every aspect of your life - Mommy being constantly tired and cranky is not what I want my children to remember so the talk with the doc woke me and made me put the excuses aside.

I have prayed a lot about my health and healing this past 18 months and God has done a tremendous work of restoration (I will share my testimony with you guys sometime soon). BUT this time around I am convicted that I need to do MY part and let God do His.

Faith without works is dead (James 2:26 NKJV)

My journey starts with me knowing my why, what, how and when.

Knowing my WHY?

I am going on this fitness journey because I want to be healthy. I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Yes motherhood is tiring, BUT it is that much more tiring when my energy is low. My biggest motivation is my kids. I am tried of saying to them "mommy is tired" I want to have energy to play with them and not constantly be drained.

Knowing my WHAT?

I have found myself substituting my immediate sugar needs with processed sugar: muffins, juice, multiple cups of tea with sugar. So when doc said sugar must go, I said ok. I am all in! When the twins were toddlers I was literally running after them all around the house. Now that they are older they do the running and I do the watching. Time to get my butt off the couch and get moving.

Knowing my HOW?

Here are some of the strategies I am using to get this done:

  • I cut tea off because i was drinking about 3-5 cups of tea per day each with milk and at least a spoon of sugar. It has been 3 weeks and I finding my taste for sweet things has diminished.

  • I have increased my water intake - I keep my water bottle close by and try to substitute my tea cravings with drinking water instead.

  • I have replcaed tea with breakfast smoothies. Follow my stories on instagram where I share the various recipes I am using. I try to use the fruits that go bad the fastest - bananas and apples and then clean out fridge with whatever veggie is not being eaten. In these 3 weeks I have lost 5 pounds

  • We buy fruit from Adonis and go with whatever fruit is on sale. Adonis is an amazing mediterranean store that was initially in Montreal but has since expanded to Gatineau, Ottawa and Toronto. We find their fresh fruit most affordable since we were in Montreal and the same goes here.

  • Back in April I got a digital Weight Watchers scale from costco. We had a non-digital one that was very wonky, so at least with the digital it is much more accurate as it is a true measure of my weight.

  • I also got a pair of sneakers for walking/running from my favourtie store: #Winners/Homesense as I realized that I didn't have any comfortable walking/running shoes. Plus if new shoes are going to motivate me to walk then they are worth the investment.

  • I have been walking 30 minutes per day during my lunch break and/or when I pick the kids from daycare - its about a 10 minute walk from home.

  • I got a BIKE! I haven't owned or ridden a bike since I was a teenager so it has been 25+ years since I last got on a bike. My oldest learnt how to ride with no support wheels during the pandemic lockdown and we got hubby a bike for Father's day. I have been feeling left out as they go on bike rides together so I indulged and got me a city bike from Canadian Tire yesterday. I tried it out and turns out you never forget.

Knowing my WHEN?

My goal is to lose 44 lbs and to maintain a healthy lifestyle by the end of the year. Why 44? No reason - when I was doing my vision board earlier this year those numbers were the cut outs that I had so I'm going with that.

I will do a wellness check once a month on the blog and let you know how I am doing on the journey.

Come along with me and share with me on this journey! Are you in?