School lunch bento box inspiration: follow these 5 accounts!

Nothing as daunting as preparing school lunches! Bento lunch boxes are a great way to mix up options for lunches for your kids.

School is back in session which means that we are back to making school lunches every day. I have three school-aged kids this year so that means three morning snacks, three lunches and three afternoon snacks. Throw into the mix of things different appetites from a hearty eater to a very picky eater and you have a challenge on your hands.

I have been following these Instagram and Facebook groups and they have been so helpful to come up with inspiration especially when I am stuck and fresh out of ideas. Before you check out the pages, follow me Career Slay Mama:



Alright! Let's get right into it:

1. Muminspiration Lunchbox on Facebook

Link: Join Mumispiration Lunchbox

This group was formed by a Montreal-based Mom but that has membership from all over the world. I follow this group for inspiration for school lunches sand to see the various options. I prefer this group to pinterest because these are real moms making real lunches and while there are pinterest-able meals, there are also regular looking lunches. I also love the group because I get ideas for where to buy stuff e.g. what to buy from Costco. Join Mumispiration Lunchbox and while you're there join Muminspiration Home and Muminspiration Food for home decor and dinner ideas.

2. Lunches by Lindsay on Instagram

Link: Follow

I recently discovered this account on Instagram. The options she shares are always colourful, creating and she uses a variety of bento boxes so you are not stuck with one format or mould. Follow her for every day inspiration.

3. School Lunchbox on Instagram

Link: Follow

When I stumbled upon this account on Instagram, I was genuinely impressed by the lunches that this Girl Dad makes. More than just school lunches he also has recipes and an ebook on Air Fryer recipes. He uses the Yumbox lunch boxes which I have for my twins so it is easy to follow along. Definitely worth checking out and following!

4. The well-fed wolf on instagram

Link: Follow

I have been following this account for about 2 years now since my oldest went to school. Katie is a mom of four boys and shares the different lunches she is packing to make sure her 4 boys are well-fed! While the account has a modest following, I love the way she cuts and displays fruit in ways that you may not have thought of. I also love that she shares summer lunches which help with ideas for when kids are in summer camp and the weather is hot. She uses LunchBots that I have been trying to order for my eldest but are sold-out pretty much everywhere. Definitely check out her page.

5. Pinterest

Check out: Bento Box Lunch for Kids

This is my basic go-to for inspiration for lunches, smoothies and snacks. I take the inspiration with a grain of salt. No-one is trying to make Pinterest-worthy posts and of course what's in the pic may looks quite different in reality 😆. That being said I have got some really great ideas from Pinterest including fruit-skewers for birthday and other interesting ways of cutting fruit up and pairing them up for snack and lunches. I recently searched for Bento Box Lunches for kids and pulled up a whole bunch of ideas. Check out the search here: Bento Box Lunch for Kids

There you have it!

What other groups/resources do you have?

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