7 kid-friendly daytrip things to do at Mont Tremblant

Wondering what to do at Mont Tremblant that is both kid and budget friendly? Look no further: here are a few items for you to try especially if live within a couple of hours and would like to do a daytrip.

Outside is opening up and this summer is shaping up to be quite different from summer 2020. If you're not ready to do an overnight hotel stay or you're trying to take budget-friendly trips with your family, you can still create amazing memories without breaking the bank or having the hustle of overnight stay.

Mont Tremblant is about 45 minutes from Montreal and about 1h 45 minutes from Ottawa. We recently took a family daytrip and were able to pack the day with enough fun without going over board. The kids were tired enough and we got in time a shower and our regular bed-time. For our daytrip, we left at noon after having brunch and got there at 2pm. We enjoyed ourselves walking around until around 5.30 and by then everyone was ready to get back. We arrived just before 8pm. If you're looking to do more during the day, I would recommend leaving around 9 or 10 so you get there just before noon. Have lunch and then explore.

The cabriolet is a free gondola lift that takes you from the main level at Tremblant into the area that has restaurants and other fun activities. Kids love this ride and it is certainly memorable. You have the option to ride down but you can also walk down. You can ride on this gondola as many times as you wish.

1. Eat at one of the Resto-bars

Travelling with kids means they tire and get hungry quickly. I would suggest that your first order of business be eating just so everyone is fueled up and has enough energy to walk around. We enjoyed juicy burgers at Le Shack which is one of three resto-bars in the main area.

The only downside was lining up and having to wait in line for some time to get in. If you have more than one adult with you, I would suggest tag-teaming and joining multiple lines if your goal is just to get some food that way you can get in faster - we figured this out too late.

2. For the sweet tooth: crepe or ice-cream (or both)

Another item on our bucket list is having crepe at la Maison de crepe. The inviting smell definitely had me wanting to go there and have a bite. When we do a longer day trip I will definitely be planning my day around eating here! There are also a couple of ice-cream spots. With COVID just remember that the line-ups will be crazy so keep that in mind as you plan your day. Other eating options are beaver tails and a couple of ice-cream shops.

3. Cabane a sucre

Enjoy "tire d'erable" all year round in the Sugar Shack also known as a Cabane a Sucre. You can also get a number of maple souvenirs including natural maple syrup, maple candy. We didn't really do this time - we have tons of maple goodies from my son's school but this is definitely worth the novelty and the experience particularly if you are being budget conscious

4. Mini-golf (paid)

If you have a full day and are trying to figure out what to do with your time there, or you need to get from the direct sun, play a game of mini-golf at Le Petit Geant This is an activity for older kids, however younger kids can enjoy this too! We only discover the mini-golf spot this time around so this is definitely on our list for a longer visit. What was nice about the mini-golf area is that it is quite shaded so it can give much relief from being in the direct hot sun.

5. Take a pic at the big seat

The kids will love this and so will you! I am quite the sentimental person in the family and the one who is always taking pictures so you best believe that I took tons of pics with the kids on the seat and on all the different sites at #Tremblant. This larger than life Adirondack chair is a great spot for pictures. There's another one towards the summit of the mountain if you're up for a hike. We didn't get that far up but we did enjoy taking pics on this one.

6. Play ground and hike

There is indeed a playground as you descend on foot. You can imagine how much of a blessing and relief after taking in sugar to just let the kids burn off some energy! You will be met with equally relieved parents happy to find a little 5 minutes to aimlessly scroll through their phone while gathering their strength and breath to take on the next step. There are also a few shaded trails which can be a great relief to just wander around in peace with the kids and away from the crowds.

7. Skyline Luge & Euro-bungee

The line-ups were just insane so we didn't get to try out the luge which is a part go-cart part toboggan that looked like such a fun activity especially for over 5 year olds. There was also the Euro Bungy which seemed like fun for thrill-seekers. However, these are in the works for our next trip out there. There are many pre-booking options that you can do online that will also help you save some money. Find out more at on the Tremblant Website.

It's always a great feeling to know you can go back somewhere because there is more to do there. I have to say there were more people than I was comfortable seeing. Both hubby and I have received our first dose of COVID19 vaccine and because of that our comfort level was much higher than if we hadn't been vaccinated. There were many people who didn't have masks on and with the numbers it wasn't always feasible to socially distance outdoors. Keep this in mind for whenever you're planning your trip.

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