5 work from home must-haves under $50

We are going to be working from home for a fair bit of time. I am haring 5 must-haves to up your work-from-home game and they are all under $50

We are probably going to be working from home for the next few months even as the vaccine roll-out is happening. I am sharing 5 must-haves that will make your work-from-home life a little easier. The best part is they are all under $50. This post contains affiliate links*

1. Ring Light | $50 CAD or $39 USD

I have the Ubeesize ringlight that I got for the blog and I find more and more that I am using it for my work Video conferences especially when the skies are gloomy or in the morning when I don't have direct sun in my home office. I did buy another cheaper brand that ended up being flimsy. I can vouch for this particular one as the tripod is very sturdy. I even use it for family photos as it has a clicker and a timer.

2. Laptop Stand | $ 49 CAD or $26 USD

I was fortunate to get a sit-stand desk from IKEA early on in the pandemic. It took 8 weeks to arrive but has been quite a game changer. Although sit-stands are quite hard to come by, this laptop stand is a great alternative as it allows you to raise your laptop. This is a great buy for the price-point.

3. Wireless headphones | $42 CAD or $49 USD

I got all of my kids MPOW headphones when the pandemic began especially when we had everyone on a device while my hubby and I were trying to work from home. I only just discovered these wireless version that can help you avoid entanglement with wires during your video calls. Upgrade the noise cancelling ones for just $10 more (click here for Amazon Canada noise cancelling headphones) especially when you're trying to concentrate on work while other family members are loud on calls.

4. Ergofoam foot rest | $39CAD or $39 USD

I had a ergonomic assessment before the pandemic happened following the car accident that I had so I was able to get my equipment to work with from home. One of the most helpful ergo equipment has been my foot rest as it helps me to rest my ankles and also ret my feet on it. This ergofoam foot rest is value for your money!

5. Seat cushion | $39 CAD or $39 USD

I don't about you but I am finding sitting for prolonged periods of time just so sore on my tush. I was able to get my work chair but even so, the tush does feel the strain. This foam cushion is at a great price point if you're not yet ready to invest in an office chair - those things are expensive! If you're sitting on the dining room chair, plop this over it and voila - you'll be more comfortable.

Have you used any one of these or do you have any others to share? Please feel free to share this post with friends and family.

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