5 things you need for a successful vision board party

What do you need to have a successful vision board party? Look no further, I am sharing a list of must haves!

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You may be in full swing Christmas mode or ready to plan out your new year's resolutions. I wanted to share my must-have list for a successful vision board party. Last year on January 1st my sister in law and my brother in law paid me a visit. One of the key things she shared with me is the importance of having a vision board.

Its not like I didn't see the value, I just never had gone about putting a vision board together. In February, we had brunch and she asked me again about where I was at with putting my vision board together. I was embarrassed to say I had made NO progress. I promised that I would and the very next day I went out and got a cork board. I was didn't know where to begin and had a number of false starts until I FINALLY figured out what I wanted to include in my vision board.

Here is my list of vision board essentials. PIN this so you can come back to this when you're ready.

1. Cork Board

Pretty obvious right? If you're going to make a vision board, you'll need a VISION BOARD. I would suggest that you go larger rather than smaller. It may look too big but once you start to fill it up you will be surprised at how quickly the space vanishes. I recommend a cork board that's not too heavy and at least 24 X 30 inches. Check out these two board on amazon.

2. Scissors, push pins and post-its

You probably have these at home or could get them from the dollar store. With three little kids in the house we have multiple pairs of scissors and push-pins. If you prefer to shop on line for these here are a couple of links so you don't have to search around

Totally not a necessity, but how fun are these rose gold push pins!

3. Magazine Cut-outs

Nothing like glossy images to bring your vision to life. I had a few lifestyle magazines that I had been meaning to recycle so I used these. I also used the real-estate listings free magazines at the grocery store and the local coupon books. Aim to gather these before hand and cut out pages that line up with your vision so that you have these prepped for your vision party.

4. Access to a printer

I thought I could build everything from magazine cut-outs but I have found printing specifics not only useful but necessary. I wanted my children to get into a particular daycare. I had tried and tried to get them in with no success. I searched for the daycare online and found a picture and posted this on my vision board. They had turned us down a number of times and so adding this to the vision board was a long-shot. I did it anyway. Because of COVID19 a bunch of parents pulled out their kids from the daycare and this gave way to two spots for the twins. Print out specific things or places you would like to include. A printer would also be great for printing inspirational quotes. I have a huge print out that says


5. The Vision

A vision board cannot come together without you! It is merely a tool to guide you. Take time to reflect on what you would like your vision board to remind you. Remember that its not just about the material things you would like to have e.g. the house, the car, the husband, the wife, the kids. It is also the areas of your life you would like to grow e.g. your health, your finances, your career, your spiritual growth. There is also the mindsets you would like to reprogram e.g. (re)affirming your worth, your worthiness, your value, reminding yourself that you are beautiful, you are courageous, you are resourceful, that good things are coming your way.

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