5 things to do BEFORE you get a mentor

Before you reach out to ask someone to be your mentor here are 5 things you should do.

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Are you here because you read my previous post 5 reasons you need a mentor to advance your career? Awesome. Haven't read it yet, check it out first! Before you go out there and try and connect with a mentor it is extremely important to get some things in order. I'm here to guide you on some things you work on.

1.Clean up your resume

Probably one of the first things a potential mentor is going to ask you for is your resume. So before you even reach out, update and clear up your resume. Guess what, I have a post on 6 simple ways to revamp your resume. Have a generic resume that you can easily share with your mentor, a connection or someone who can connect you with a potential mentor.

2. Be clear on what you need

Take time to figure out what you would like to get out of the mentee relationship. This is one of the first questions that your mentor will ask: what are you looking for? What would you like to get out of the relationship - is it a connection, advice is it feedback? Check out my post on 5 career reflections during quarantine which can guide you on figuring out what you are looking for.

3. Be clear on the commitment

How much time are you willing to invest in the relationship? Figure out whether you want a short- medium- or long-term relationship. Are you looking for someone to support you with something specific and short-term, make sure you articulate this. Are you looking for someone to guide you through a transition or help you figure out where to go figure this out. Are you looking to build a long-term relationship then treat the relationship as such.

4. Update your social media profile (s)

Especially your professional social media profile(s). More often than not, the person looking to mentor you will google you, especially if they don't know you. So make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and professional. Clean up those public posts from Facebook - you can change the privacy settings, and make sure that what is out there is honourable.

5. Be ready to do the work

Working with a mentor will require you to put in some serious work. Do not expect the mentor to do the work for you and do not expect the mentor to put in the same work as you. If you are reaching out it is because they are somewhere that you would like to be which means they have probably put in the consistent hard work. Be prepared to follow-up, to take on advice as it pertains to your situation and go back for more guidance if need be.Be the one to do the chasing and following up. You get into it what you put into it.

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