5 people you need in your career & business

Who do you need to advance your career? You will need a number of connections to push you forward and help you advance. I have prepared this handy list for you!

There are a number of people that you will need to have in your life to help you go to the next level whether that is in business, professionally and even personally. You probably already have them in your life and need to identify how they could support you so you can maximise on their time and expertise.

The Encourager

This is your compassionate career counsel who is always optimistic and always sees the cup as half full rather than half empty. Whenever you face a set-back your encourager will remind you of your why and that this is just a set-up for a come-back. Encouragers are key in keeping you going the hill seems too steep to climb. They will also remind you of how far you've come so you keep going.

The Mind-blower

This that dream-big, no holding back career advisor. When you're thinking of the roof, they show you that the sky is possible. Whenever you have a conversation with the mind-blower, your mind is LITERALLY blown. They push you to dream BIG do do things that look so impossible and they make the impossible attainable by opening your eyes to what is possible and sometimes how to make it happen. You need your mind-blower in small doses otherwise you will be overwhelmed but when you need to see bigger than the big picture this is your go-to person.

The Connector

This is your walking rolodex - yeah I know I am dating myself here. The connector knows EVERYBODY you need to know. Need to level up your career - they know someone who knows someone. Need career advice - they know exactly who to put you in touch with. Need to take a course - the connector will get you in touch with the person who has an in on the program who can tell you more about it. Connectors are KEY in expanding your network but also in saving you time running around given that they know who but more importantly, they are willing to make the connection. Look at the connector as a bridge - their job is to get you into the car that will get you from A to B and then they are done.

The Encyclopedia

AKA the Search Engine. Where the connector knows everybody - the Encyclopedia knows EVERYTHING. Sure you can google things, but having an actual resource person who knows all you need to know and better yet knows how to find the information you need to know. The Encyclopedia is nimble in finding information and knows how to find you program requirements, registration requirements, provincial and federal regulations to starting up your business. They are a great person to have on your corner when you have the mental block on where to get information on how to start your business or enroll in a program or get a certification. And because they are so great at this they are a wealth of knowledge and often have the information handy for you.

The Accountability partner

Everyone needs an accountability partner. Once you have dreamt big and pumped yourself up and been connected with the right people, the accountability partner helps you get DOWN AND DIRTY and get to work. Dreams don't work unless you do and the accountability partner brings you back to the ground into the WHAT needs to happen and WHEN. They check in with you to see if you took ACTION or if you're still procrastinating/ deliberating/ "praying" - spiritual procrastination is still just that. Not everyone can play this role - you need a no non-sense person who will call out your antics but who will also help you get back on track when you become distracted.

It is quite possible that these qualities will be found in one person but more often than not these are different people. As you build your repertoire of resource people, keep these 5 people at the back of your mind so that you get the most out of them.

Whenever you are networking or contacting people within your network or your circle, think of what you need from the person you are reaching out to: is it advice? is it a connection? is it information about their work or their program? Is it encouragement or are you looking for them to keep you on track with your goals. Here is a handy post on 5 things before you network.

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