5 must-have luxury bath items under $50

Luxury is not a product, it is a lifestyle. As women and especially as mothers we are constantly lavishing our children with the best we can offer them. But when it comes to us, we talk ourselves out of it

I recently bought myself lavender Epsom salts. Even at the low price tag of $9.99 I had to really convince myself that such extravagance was worth it. Then came the time to CREATE the opportunity to actually use the Epsom salts in a bath. We have lived in our home for almost 3 years and I can count on one hand the number of times I have taken a bath.

Why do we do that? As women and especially as mothers we are constantly lavishing our children with the BEST! I can spend hours shopping for my kids online and every time I think about it I try to get them more. When it comes to me though, I will add two items to my shopping cart and then talk myself out of it because it is frivolous and we could use the money in a different way. Truth is, we spend so much time and energy pouring into others: our spouses, our children, our family, extended family, church and we leave very little for ourselves. And I get it, we don't want to spend a lot so we need to be wise.

This is why I put together this luxury on a budget list. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to pamper yourself. So here is a list of luxury items under $50. Pamper yourself without breaking the bank with these 5 pamper-worthy items.

1. Bamboo bath tray | CAD$ 42.99

This bamboo tray is a must have for your full home-spa experience! How else are you going to relax with your bath bomb, book/magazine, candles and music. This tray has the works and is expandable so it is quite versatile and can fit different sized tubs.

2. Bath pillow | CAD$20.99

If you're going to relax in your bathtub, you might as well go ahead and get this bath pillow. Nothing like some padding for your head and neck as you relax. It is machine washable and latches on to your bath tub using suction cups.

2. Bath Bombs | CAD $ 29.99

Bath bombs are all the rave. Grab this set of 12 bath bombs for 29.99. If you have one long bath per month, this kit will cover you for the next year! You can also grab a set of epsom salts from Winners or Homesense for $9.99

4. Fanci face scrubber | CAD $ 43.99

I use this Fanci face scrubber (mint) and it has now become a staple for my face care and beauty routine. It is great for removing make-up and what's best is that it is waterproof sealed so you can use it in the shower! It comes with 3 different heads and has 2 speeds. It's a must-have! Made by a woman owned company too! It is also available in blush!

5. Jade roller face massager | CAD $22

This indulgent Jade roller face massager will calm and relax your facial muscles and get the blood flowing! This is a must have for a relaxing day. It is also available in pink jade - so beautiful!

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Take good care of yourself!