5 Career Reflections During Quarantine

It has been almost 2 months now since covid19 took over our lives in more ways than we ever thought possible.

Pretty much the whole world is on lock-down and as a career slay mama that means trying to get through work video-teleconference calls while trying to entertain the children and hoping that none of them walk into your meeting BBC-intervew-man style.

I have seen so many posts on ways to be productive during this time which for me has felt so counter-intuitive. We are all doing our best to stay alive and not be bogged down with grim statistics and the white elephant in the room - that we are likely going to be in lock-down for far longer than any of us would like to admit.

So what to do...my headspace is far from productive and I have been racking my brain on how to make best of this season.

Be still and know. (Psalm 42:8 NKJV)

One of the things busy-ness robs us of is time to reflect - to stock-take, to look back and see what was working and what wasn't. Here are 5 non-capitalistic reflections on your career that you can do while we are quarantined working from home:

1. What was working for you career-wise?

Write a short list of what you loved about your career & work-life balance was it the pace of your work? the projects you were working on? Were you almost done with school? Jot down all of what was going well.

2. What wasn't working in your career?

Here is an opportunity to examine what wasn't working. For me the rush, rush, rush and go-go-go was the challenging part. Our kids were involved in a lot of activities which mean that we were really running up and down.

3. What would you do differently?

Here is a chance to hit the reset button. Working from home may have given you some insights on what could change about your routine or pace. Write these down.

4. In what new areas would you like to grow?

Perhaps you finally have the head-space to think of new experiences you would like to add to your career tool kit. Or maybe it is a hobby that you've been putting off but that will bring you job. Think of what new things you look forward to trying once the shut-down is over.

5. If money wasn't a limitation I would __________

What would you be doing if money, time, resources weren't a limitation? This is your chance to dream it out and then write it all down. Go crazy - you have nothing to lose. You just might surprise yourself at how doable some of the things on your list are.

Regardless of how you are spending you days and evenings during this quarantine season, there is a great opportunity to reflect on what "normal" looks like and what you want to return to once the shut down is over.

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