5 Books you need to read in 2021

It's that New Years Resolution season and for me, one of my goals is to read more, scratch that to read this year. I real a lot on social media but I am a traditional book and paper kinda gal.

This short and sweet post will get you started. Plan to read but don't know where to start? My favourite books are autobiographies and self/professional development books. I asked folks on my Facebook to suggest titles and a few came up a number of times so here is the list, complete with links so you don't have to search deep for them.

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Without further ado: here is the list:

1. The Lazy Genius Way - Kendra Adachi

This book comes highly recommended and promises you "a better way to approach your relationships, work, and piles of mail."

The excerpt from the book:

Kendra Adachi, the creator of the Lazy Genius movement invites you to live well by your own definition and equips you to be a genius about what matters and lazy about what doesn't. Everything from your morning Lazy routine to napping without guilt falls into place with Kendra's thirteen Lazy Genius principles.

2. A Promised Land - Barack Obama

It is no secret that I am a huge Barack Obama fan not just as a person but his writing. In fact his writing is what drew me into him. In 2007 I was doing my Masters practicum in Uganda and bought Dreams from my Father to read on the trip. Barack Obama writes so well and I gobbled the book in no time.ng I then got Audacity of Hope and while it was a little too American and patriotic for me, it was still so very well written. From when I heard about A Promised Land, I knew I was going to get it in hard cover as a collectors item. I can't wait to get into this - no excerpt needed!

3. I'm Judging You - Luvvie Ajayi Jones

I first heard about Luvvie in the She Did That on Netflix a short film highlighting strong black women who are leaders in various fields. I googled her and discovered her Ted Talk and her book. I ordered this during the pandemic but never got around to finishing it. For what I have read so far, the book is hilarious and basically calls out all the things you think about but never have the courage to say. She has a new book: Professional Trouble Maker which I will be reading in 2021. I'm judging you is a New York Times Best seller.

4.The Big Leap - Gay Hendricks

Almost everyone has recommended the Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. Most people describe this as a mind-changer and a game-shifter. I just might start with this one because it comes highly recommended.

From the back of the book:

In the Big Leap, New York Times bestselling author Gay Hendricks reveals a simple yet comprehensive program for overcoming our one barrier to happiness and fulfillment, providing a clear path for achieving our true potential and attaining not only financial success but also success in love and life.

5. Unapologetically Ambitious - Shellye Archambeau

My husband sent this to me and a couple days later a good friend suggested it so I had to add this book to the list. The title and subtitle had me at hello: Unapologetically Ambitious: Take Risks, Break Barriers, and Create Successes on Your Own Terms. This is probably going to be the second book I read in 2021 as it is right up my ally. In fact the husband and I are already debating on who gets to read this first.

About the author:

Shelley Archambeau is one of high tech's first female African American CEOs and has been featured frequently in Forbes, the New York Times, Business Insider and more. Formerly an executive at IBM and president of Blockbuster.com Archambeau was recruited to be teh CEO of a Silicon Valley startup, which is now MetricStream, a recognized global leader in governance, risk, and compliance software solutions. She currently serves as a Fortune 500 board member and holds board seats at Verizon, Nordstorm, Roper Technologies and Okta.

There you have it! Shop this whole list with the links provided!

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