3 alternatives to "I hope this email finds you well"

Work emails can be very cliché and I am definitely guilty of sending emails with the same starter: "I hope this email finds you well" so I decided to look up alternatives.

Here is short and sweet post about alternatives to sending work emails beginning with "I hope this email finds you well" or some variation of this. As much as emails are pretty much dead outside of work, they are a key way of communicating with our teams, reaching out to people professionally both those who you know and who you don't know.

Instead of starting your next email with "I hope this email finds you well", here are a few alternatives

Short and Sweet: I know you're busy so I am going to be brief

Who doesn't appreciate an email that cuts to the chase and gets to the point. I would suggest using this with colleagues that you are familiar with and who you are used to.

Warm and personal: It was great to see you at...

For a colleague that you know well or who you have a good professional relationship with, add a phrase or two that are personal


It was so great to see you at _____ event

I am so glad we recently reconnected at _________.

I hope you are the family are doing great since we last saw you at __________

Acquaintance: We met at...

For people who have only met briefly or who you don't really know personally, open with a brief phrase that lets you know what connection you have with them and then expose the reason for your email


We met at __________

I got your email address from __________

Ms./Mr _________ suggested that I get in touch with you about....

Everyone starts their work-related emails in more or less the same way. Make your message stand out by sending something different to them.

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