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Career Slay Talks Podcast!

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  • How do I show up as a black woman without being considered angry?

  • How do I get the mentorship and sponsorship I need to get to the next level?

  • How do I grow my career when I dont have "Canadian experience"?

  • How do I validate my professional experience that I gained in a different country before immigrating?

  • How do I get into leadership roles? How do I go from entry-level to mid-level?

  • How can I navigate complicated career path?

  • Is a dream job possible?

  • How do I juggle parenthood and career without constantly feeling like I'm failing at both?  

If you're navigating these questions then this is the show for you. The Career Slay Talks podcast is a career and professional development podcast with actionable tips to grow your career. 

We celebrate the career journeys of black Canadians and the African diaspora and hear from professionals who share their tips and advice.

Here we celebrate Black excellence, and create space for conversations on issues that are faced by us as black professionals navigating career and life.

Get inspired or listen in as a fly on the wall so you can learn from our guests and certified career and resume strategist
Brenda Dogbey

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