I am so glad you've found me in my little corner of the internet! I am a clarity and career coach and I help you get super clear on your goals so you can slay them. 

This is also my digital gratitude space, where I share on my journey as a wife, mom, career woman and entrepreneur and the ups and downs in doing so. Through my journey I have learned from my mistakes and picked up some tips and tricks along the way which I trust you will find helpful and inspirational!

Brenda xoxo!

Have you ever tried to get something started: a career transition, a business launch,  or a career pivot and just struggled through the whole thing? The frustration of the uncertainty and the fear of the unknown can be so daunting and just leave you feeling inadequate and unable to really see a path forward. Through the years, I have learned to navigate these seasons and one of the game changers for me has been CLARITY. Having a clear concise vision has helped me navigate seasons in my career particularly with a singular focus rather than trying to swallow the ocean. Isn't it funny how the minute you get clear, everything starts to fall into place and the help and resources you need also seem to show up?

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You can have it all but you can't have it all at once. It is a marathon not a sprint. The only person you are competing against is the old version of yourself. Resist the urge to look to the left or the right. Stay focussed. You've got this.

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I am Brenda Dogbey and it is my pleasure to support you in going from Vision to Action.  This program is for you if you have been struggling with how to put your vision into concrete actionable steps. I have over 15 years experience in academia and it is my pleasure to support you to go from Vision to Action

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